Avi's Newton Stuff

Indubitable Solutions

The Avi's Newton Programs FAQ is now available!

Open Source

Avi's Backdrop v1.27

An open-source backdrop for your OS 2.x Newton Device

Avi's Backdrop is one of the hottest backdrops for Newtons around. It's feature-packed and free. It comes in English, French, and German. What more could you ask for?

A GNUT Top Ten Package!

ChordBox v1.0

Quick! How do you finger D#7sus4?

ChordBox lets you quickly look up guitar chords.


Minimizer v1.05

A minimizing utility for your OS 2.x Newton Device ($5)

Minimizer allows you to minimize apps you're not using and simpify your life. It also lets you move around 1.x apps. What's not to like?


Dates/Find Bugfix v1.0

A bug fix for OS 2.1 Newtons

Dates/Find Bugfix is a free patch to fix a bug in the built-in Dates program on OS 2.1 Newtons. Download a copy today!

Egg Freckles Enabler v1.0

The old easter egg now available on your MP2x00

Egg Freckles Enabler is a free program to show the Doonesbury egg. Download it today!

Hebrew Date Convert v1.01

A free Hebrew date utility for your OS 2.x Newton Device

Hebrew Date Convert is a free Gregorian to Hebrew date converter. Download it today!

'61 Memory Fix v1.01

A free -10061 workaround for your 4 Meg Newton Device

'61 Memory Fix is a free workaround to help you cope with the -10061 error until Apple fixes it. Get it here!

SpellBox v1.2

A free spelling utility for your MessagePad 2000, 2100 or eMate 300

SpellBox is undoubtedly the quickest way to find the correct spelling of a word. Get your free copy here!


Useless programs!

Hacklets are programs I wrote to do little things I needed done. Check them out to see if you can find a use for them.


Fix2010 v1.0a1

A fix to make your Newton work after 2010

Fix2010 is a fix to make your Newton keep on working until 2920. Download with incredible caution.


Newton PIE v1.0

A song commemorating the death of the Newton

Newton PIE uses Don McLean's American Pie as a framework to commemorate the death of the Newton. Come sing along.