SpellBox v1.2

About it

SpellBox is a free application for Newton devices with OS 2.1 (which means a MP2000, MP2100, or eMate 300) allowing quick access to the spelling checker.

Sound good?

What's New?

Version 1.2 (6 May 1998)
SpellBox now works properly with both cursive handwriting recognition and auto-adding of words enabled
Optional auxiliary button for Notes and other apps pretending to be
Automatically fills in the spell line with highlighted text, if any
Allows insertion of found words, and configuration of whether SpellBox auto-closes after doing so
Added keyboard navigation
Added command-quote shortcut

Version 1.1 (5 April 1998)
Internal tweaks to remove unnecessary code, fixed stupid bug
Incorporated optional backdrop button into prefs (SpellButton is obsolete)

Download it

SpellBox is currently available for download as a StuffIt archive, and in package format for direct download to a Newton. Go to the Aladdin Systems web site for extractors for StuffIt achives for both Mac and PC.

Download .sit file (10K) from Pittsburgh.

Download .pkg file (14K) from Pittsburgh.

View the Read Me file online.

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