Fix2010 v1.0a1

About it

What is Fix2010?

Fix2010 makes the Newton cope with years after 2010 better.

What's New?

Version 1.0a1 (28 September 1998)
Initial release for sick, demented alpha-version chasers

Download it

This is alpha-quality software. It is not recommended for download, much less use. If you insist on installing it, please read the readme file. It's incredibly important that you do so. Promise? OK, then.

Fix2010 is currently available for download as a StuffIt archive. It is not and will never be available as a direct download due to the serious nature of installing it. Go to the Aladdin Systems web site for extractors for StuffIt achives for the Mac and PC.

Download .sit file (6K) from Pittsburgh.

View the Read Me file online.

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