'61 Memory Fix v1.01

About it

'61 Memory Fix is a backdrop button to work around the -10061 memory problem 4 Meg Newton devices face.

The Fix is already built into Avi's Backdrop, so if you've got Avi's Backdrop, you don't need this.

What's New?

Version 1.01 (7 June 1998)
Fixed -48412 error if card with no installed packages was inserted
Now register button with non-null symbol (was harmless)

Version 1.0 (10 May 1998)
Initial release

Download it

'61 Memory Fix is currently available for download as a StuffIt archive, and in package format for direct download to a Newton. Go to the Aladdin Systems web site for extractors for StuffIt achives for both Mac and PC.

Download .sit file (4K) from Pittsburgh.

Download .pkg file (3K) from Pittsburgh.

View the Read Me file online.

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