Hebrew Date Convert v1.01

About it

Hebrew Date Convert is a free Formulas plug-in for Newton devices with OS 2.0 (which means a MessagePad 120 (one with Newton OS 2.0), 130, 2000, 2100, or eMate 300).

Sound good?

What's New?

Version 1.01 (20 December 1998)
Added external API

Version 1.0 (22 March 1998)
Initial release

Download it

Hebrew Date Convert is currently available for download as a StuffIt archive, and in package format for direct download to a Newton. Go to the Aladdin Systems web site for extractors for StuffIt achives for both Mac and PC.

Download .sit file (7K) from Pittsburgh.

Download .pkg file (7K) from Pittsburgh.

View the Read Me file online.

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