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When I moved to New York I started wearing contacts. My favorites were the Ciba Night & Day. Drop 'em in at the beginning of the month, pop 'em at the end.

Middle of last year, though, they changed the formulation. Now they're called Air Optix Night & Day, but as soon as I put them in my eyes my eyes had what, as far as I could tell, was an allergic reaction. Watery, mucus, it was just terrible.

And I loved having contacts, to have the whole world available to me, to not hide behind a big lens.

So Monday I got laser eye surgery.

The place: Mandel Vision.

The kind that everyone gets is LASIK. It's quick, no pain, you go in, they slice and dice, and you walk out all happy.

My problem was that one of the machines didn't like me. For half an hour they were putting eye drops in my eyes and trying to convince the machine to read my eyeballs. Nope. Finally they switched to the Pentacam which spit out the report they wanted.

Dr. Mandel decided to go with PRK for safety's sake.

Went in, got updated readings. They gave me a piece of paper with the pre-surgery curvature of my eyes in case my cataract surgeon will need it 50 years from now:

K reading OD: 42.00 42.87×3
K reading OS: 41.25 42.12×172

Um, OK. I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold onto a paper for fifty years. “Can't I just have them call you?” “Well, depends if we're in business fifty years from now.”

Chatted with a fellow patient in the waiting room, and was surprised to find out that she didn't want to know what was going to happen. I find that so weird; if I'm going to sign up for something to be done to me, I need to know the details.

I'll spare the details here. Surgery over they sent me home. Went to bed.

Came back the next morning. Things were a bit blurry, but managed to just eke out a 20/20 result. “That's better than we expected. But it's going to get worse before it gets better. Here's some anesthetic eye drop. For when it starts hurting.”

It's Wednesday now. It's hurting a little, but it's fuzzy as hell. My computer screen magnification is easily 2×. I see double and triple images. But this is all normal. So they say.


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