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Fish and chips in the city

Happy 150th to you!

There haven't been too many good places I've been to here in NYC. Here's a brief overview:

Arthur Treacher's
251 E 14th St
A sad joke. The fish is a rectangular block that mocks the natural shape and taste of fish.

One and One
76 1 Ave
The fish is good, but someone there needs to take Batter 101. Presentation is nice but the slightest touch causes the fish to fall to pieces and the batter to slide off. Redemption comes from the 2-for-1 special on Sunday nights at 7pm.

A Salt & Battery
112 Greenwich Ave
The star off isn't from the awful name, but the prices. The meal is good, but rather expensive. And how can you sell fish and chips separately?

129 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn
Yes, to get awesome fish and chips you have to go to Brooklyn. Suck it up. The price is reasonable, the serving size is large, and the taste is great.


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