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Happy Chanukah!

Just thought I'd stop by and give a short update on my life.

I'm in Toronto (shockingly enough) and thank G-d all is going well.

Immigration Front - we've received a notice that Jeff has given the okay to be my sponsor. The rest of the permanent residency application has been forwarded to the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo, New York to be reviewed.

The Apartment - it's finally shaping up. We're due to put up pictures (hopefully) this week. Yay!

My Writings - not to worry, I'm still involved. I have two websites:
http://shiradrissman.com - political musings
http://shiradrissman.org - Jewish musings - new article up on Chanukah!

That's my life. I'm still not allowed to work, but various projects are keeping me busy and out of trouble.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Chanukah!


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Happy Hannukah to you as well Shira!

Thank you! :)

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