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Unhappy Wicks

I've been lighting oil for the last few years (at least) and I haven't had this kind of a problem yet. My wicks keep drowning themselves. I can't figure it out - they can't be that unhappy.

It's the third night of Chanukah - and they did it again. I had changed the oil (in case it really was the oil) but I'm thinking it's the wicks. I used these wicks last year, so I didn't expect trouble. Tomorrow I'm going wick shopping - we'll try something else.

I didn't want to change the oil and the wick at the same time, otherwise I wouldn't know what worked. So one thing at a time - oil today - we'll try wicks tomorrow.

I'll let you know!


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what on earth is Chanuka? Anyhow looks like you have to change wicks alright! 英会話を銀座で勉強中

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