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Soldiers turned Murderers thanks to the NYT

Yesterday I had the occassion to look at the front page article of the New York Times discussing the number of American soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and becoming murderers. The front page was taken up by photos of the veterans involved and a large full scale article later on in the paper. By the end of the article, you could be convinced (not me) that serving in a theatre of war would automatically turn a respectable, honorable soldier into a cold-blooded murderer. Today I came across a short piece re-examining the numbers - an excellent read. If you haven't already - please stop your subscription to the New York Times. They are involved in libel against our troops, home and abroad.


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Criticism of the NYT goes deeper than, perhaps, you expected. The NYT article, as you surmised, painted everyone in the US military as being a murderer. My understanding is that the military has a far lower assault rate than the U S civilians. In fact, if I could choose between the military and civilian population, the military would be far better because it is so non-violent. Sounds strange, but true. Civilians kill at the drop of a pin. Soldiers don't, but don't tell the NYT that because it's accusing the paper of distortion of the truth, and the NYT hates that. But the fact is -- the NYT is a liar. MSD

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