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NetNewsWire 3.1

NetNewsWire 3.1 is released!

NetNewsWire is one of the apps that I live in every day, and is #2 only to email. Brent's been working his butt off for 3.1, and it shows. What's new?

  • Moved back to the combined storage for backend files. Speed, baby!
  • HTML archives. You can use Spotlight and take the data with you. Open data!
  • The. Combined. View. Rocks.
  • Wow, is it fast. Did I say that already?
  • It's free! $0.00.
  • My name is in the About box. I like beta testing. I get to annoy the developer and get rewarded for it. Ahhh...

One quote from Brent stuck in my mind, about going free:

Every developer wants to be able to work on the software they love, make a living at it, and give it to the world for free. Usually you get to pick two out of three—if you’re lucky. Me, I get all three.

Brent, I'm fortunate enough to be in that situation too. But I have a $200 billion company backing me. Good luck with your gambit, and I hope it pays off well.


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