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'Bye Israel... Till Next Time!

It's been a great summer all around. I've seen many friends, some family and once again have regained my equilibrium. I'm leaving Monday (tomorrow) morning to New York with a stop-over in Paris.

I really do love it here. I can't believe that this trip was as short as it was and that now I'm at the end of it. I'm looking forward to a bit of sleep when I return, since I figured that while I was here I should run run run. It's been great.

Tonight my goals are to reassemble myself, get some plane food (in case anything goes wrong) and get to the Kotel for one last davening. I have till I leave for the airport at 4am... plenty of time. Maybe I should get a nap somewhere along the line? Anyway, again I'm leaving. May this Tisha B'av be one of simcha and not of mourning, and I'll land in NY long enough to turn around and come back.


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