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Me Again

I logged off the computer and was leaving the bus station when I realized that I couldn't leave things like I did.

I'm still upset about how the State of Israel was established. That being said - too bad, that's the way it is. Something Rebbitzen Heller said was that there are three steps to Emuna (badly translated as Faith).

They are:
1. Live in Reality: See what the situation really is without the "and" or "but". Without the guilt or "what if?"
2. All reality comes from HaShem's compassion: There is a reason why this is good.
3. Try to figure out how to make this an uplifting experience: If this is good, then try to figure out how that is possible.

Something else she said that struck me was: Situations come from HaShem, they come through people. We sometimes think that things come from people, in reality - they come through people.

We wouldn't have the situation we have here in Israel if HaShem didn't want it this way. This is a hard thought to swallow since so many bad things have happened. But I have to fall back on a eulogy of a young man that I heard that has pulled me through a few things. I think that in crocheting there's a pattern on the top of a circle that a person is working on. On the bottom are a lot of knots and hanging strings. A child sitting on the floor sees his mother working on a circle. From his perspective all he sees are knots and random hanging threads... he sees no pattern. From the mother's perspective, she has a pattern she's following and when it's finished it will be beautiful.

We see the bottom of the project - not the top. We're the child in the analogy...we certainly don't see the pattern or what HaShem is moving us toward. I like when things make sense, and I would assume that most people do. I truly didn't understand when people made analogies like the one I made above... but I'm starting to. As a teacher and as someone who deals with children a lot these days, I am only now understanding all the "random" things my parents and teachers did to make our lives "difficult". These things were not "random" and were not done to make our lives "difficult". But I only understand after the fact, not while it was going on. While I was living through the difficulties - they really were difficulties - I will not say that going to detention wasn't a big deal... it really was... at the time.

Some will say that there are huge things that really don't make sense, such as the Holocaust or the destruction the Jewish People have endured over the years. True. I will not guess at what the big plan was or how any of it fits together. But I will not say that it was "random" or served no purpose. I don't know what the purpose was... yet.

So that's what I have to say right now. I did not mean to go into an entire diatribe over the last two posts, but hey... what the heck.

I love this place, please don't misunderstand. I love the Land. I love the people who fight for our existance here. I love the people who live here - period. I love the Jewish People, faults and all.


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Hi Shira and the rest of the Drissman family. I hope you are having a wonderful summer adventure. Africa was amazing! We saw so many animals up close and in their natural environment. It was truly awesome! I can't wait to chat about our respective trips when you get back!

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