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Send a HUG to an Israeli soldier!

Hi all...

My friends and I were wondering how to support the Israeli troops on the front line and elsewhere. So far their morale is still positive and we need them to stay that way. They are on the front line for the world, and need to continue kicking terrorist butt, and defending the ideals of truth, freedom, and the democratic way.

So - if you click RIGHT HERE, it will send you to an article... click on the link "website" in the second paragraph, and you can send a hug and chocolate too! I already did (with a little note) and it was already into the mid-80,000s. So hurry and send your love too!

‘Virtual hug’ campaign supports IDF troops

Elite Strauss, Heritage Affinity Services team up in Web campaign to
let people around world send support to IDF troops with ‘virtual hug,’ real
chocolate bar.

Israeli chocolate company Strauss Elite and credit card company
Heritage Affinity Services have sponsored an Internet campaign allowing people
around the world to support Israeli troops by sending them a “virtual hug.”

Under the slogan, “You send the hug, we’ll send the chocolate,” the two
companies have joined forces to enable people around the world to send
Elite chocolate to Israeli Defense Force troops simply by filling in a brief
website form and hitting send.

Well-wishers can also write a brief letter of support which will be
transmitted to soldiers fighting in Lebanon along with the chocolate

“Within one week, we have already received 65,000 ‘hugs’ just by word
of mouth and email. The link was passed around the world, and the heavy
traffic even crashed our site a few times,” says Menachem Landau, CEO of
Heritage Affinity Services.

Americans from all walks of life – from politicians like Ari Fleischer
and New York Mayor Bloomberg, to housewives to Wall Street brokers – have
sent good wishes through the site, according to members of the campaign.

As soon as the number of hugs reaches the 100,000 mark, representatives
from the army and the two companies will head for the Israel-Lebanon border
to give out the words of encouragement and 100,000 bars of chocolate.

By Wednesday afternoon, the campaign was quickly approaching its
target, with 75,889 “hugs” already sent.


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Shira gave blood, but she was over in Jerusalem. Do you think giving to Mogen Dovid Adom here would help in Israel?

WOW.. shame on you .. they are killing childrens and you want to hug those killers.. shame on you

WTG Mary..
murderers don't deserve a hug!!!!

mary, jan,

so when the u.s. went into afghanistan after being attacked by terrorists on 9/11 and, unfortunately, civilians, women, and children were killed in the ensuing air strikes and ground offensives, you called the american soldiers "murderers" and made no show of support for our u.s. troops over there?

Jan Taylor, Mary Thomas:

You are the same person, posting 9 minutes apart from the same computer in Oregon. Please stop lying to the kind visitors to this site. Either be truthful with regards to who you are when you post, or don't post at all.


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