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WWDC prediction

It's always fun to try to make predictions about what Apple's going to announce at WWDC. Many people try to predict hardware or software features. I'm going to predict an API feature: 64-bit Carbon/Cocoa.

I'm 99.44% certain.

Why? Two pieces of evidence:

One: WebKit.

Go take a look at the open-source code for WebKit (you'll need svn). Go take a look at npapi.h:

#if defined(XP_MACOSX) && defined(__LP64__)

From the commit log:

Define NP_NO_QUICKDRAW when compiling 64-bit; there is no 64-bit QuickDraw.

But.. there is no 64-bit anything graphical, is there?

Two: The new CarbonCocoa_PictureCursor sample code.

NSCursor provides support for large cursors, alpha, hot spots, and is 64-bit clean.

64-bit clean? Who's tipping their hand here?

[Edit: Oh, and I bet that's the catch-phrase this year. Last year it was: “Are you universal?” This year, it'll be: “Are you 64-bit clean?”]


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I'm with you. I've been watching the commits and I think you're spot on. There was also a hint of tabs in Mail.app, but that may have been me reading too much in to the words.

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