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Well, I'm in NY

Yup, I'm here... I'm having trouble being here, which is expected. Coming from the Holy Land (as crazy as the place is) to NY is quite a comedown. But like one of the past Lubavicher Rebbes said, we have to make Eretz Yisroel wherever we are. I'm trying to keep that in mind. Definately not as easy as it sounds (altho' I'm not sure that it sounds that easy).

Thank G-d all is going well. It looks like I have an apartment, it's actually a really nice (gorgeous!) place. It's huge, hardwood floors, windows, and a nice kitchen (yes, I'm going to pretend to learn to cook). I would have my own bedroom and bathroom.

This week that I'm here in NY I've got to sign the teaching contract. I also need to get my finances in order. You need to pay first month, last month and commission to the lady that found the apartment. Yikes. So I'm trying to get that taken care of. Busy few days coming.

In the meantime I've been walking around the neighborhood where I hope to be moving in. I found the laundy place where I might go in the meantime before I am able to move in. I came back from Israel with almost no clean clothes. Tomorrow I'm thinking of dumping it there. 75 cents a pound of laundry. Who comes up with this stuff? At least I'll have some clean clothes.

I have a teachers meeting on Friday and another on Monday. At that point I hope to go back to Detroit to get the rest of my stuff. I hope to check out the school before the meeting on Friday. I think I may do that tomorrow, but I think I should walk in with proper shoes (been in sandals for a while now).

That's it from here. Regards from NY.


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