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I'll be home for Passover

A few weeks ago, I was planning where I wanted to go for Passover. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to go home. So I got a ticket.

The flight leaves at 6 AM from JFK. My choices were either to wake up at 3 or so to make it on time, or just leave late at night, get to the airport rather early, and nap at the terminal. I chose the second option.

The simplest way was to just take the (1) down to Times Square, pick up the (E), and ride that to JFK. When I got to Times Square, I found that the (E) was on the (V) tonight. So I took the (A) down to W4. I thought to myself, “Wait... the (A) also goes to JFK.” But Metro on my Palm promised that the (E) was quicker, since it is express through Queens.

Except that this (E) was local. It made every single stop. Aargh! Finally, I made it to the AirTrain, and rode it into terminal 4.

It's 2 AM now. Here's a hint: There are no ticketing agents around at 2. No baggage screeners. No one but some tourists sitting and waiting as well. What do you do? Find an outlet on the floor and plug in. And scan for wireless networks. And find one named “Varig Lounge” that is actually open. And write a blog entry.

And if the network goes away, then I'll just run a movie. I have plenty of time. Time for Battleship Potemkin.


Have a good passover

Hey Avi, it might be weird that i'm posting on your site but i happened across it. I don't even know if you check old posts but I felt bad reading your post since travel in NY can suck. I just had to post and offer, I live 15 minutes from JFK so anytime you have an early morning flight... we have a second bedroom and it's a lot more comfortable than the airport floor. I hope you'll take me up on it sometime. Welcome to NY

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