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So frickin' close I can taste it!

I'm back, taking a minute (my-noot) break from my digital copyright paper. BOY am I close to the end - good thing too, considering it's due by midnight tomorrow. :)

Anyhoo, you wouldn't believe it, but I discovered that it only had to be 20-30 pages rather than the 30 I originally thought (thanks to JG for that one). Let me tell you, when I found out the real length, I had 20 pages done, and literally sat for a half hour, stunned, not knowing where to go from there.
Well, I finally got my stuff together and I'm just putting the finishing touches on my paper. I'm tying up all my loose ends and am on p27. Fortunately I only have a few loose ends left - the tough ones of course (DRMs, Eldred, RAM computer copies, Grokster, and my conclusion).
Though it's late, I'm trying like crazy to finish it tonight so that tomorrow I only have to deal with citing and polishing. I don't want to write more tomorrow. I don't want to sweat that tomorrow - that would just kill me. I may be able to avoid it, but since I am SO tired right now, I just don't know.
For those of you that are actually interested, I will post it tomorrow. It will probably be 30 pages + 6 pages of a copyright timeline, so be warned. Though it will already have been turned in, I always accept comments, suggestions, etc since I would eventually like to publish it.
Well, this was my my-noot break.... back to my paper... so close... so close... like the little engine that could... i can do it... i can do it... i can do it...

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