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NSTextView retain count broken?

Everyone seems to be proclaiming their contribution to the Adium 2 source code, so I may as well post mine.

But I was hacking with OmniObjectMeter, and found that Adium, in its about box was leaking an AILinkTextView. I scoured the log of the retains/releases, but couldn't figure out who was the culprit.

A search on Google found the following compaint about NSTextView: it over-retains itself on creation so that it causes itself to leak.

Could Cocoa really have such an obvious bug? How do I deal with this?


Could it? Sure, anything's possible. :) Deal with it by filing a bug report and letting Apple fix it. If it's only a leak in the about box, Adium shouldn't worry about it. But if it's a leak in a system framework, it'll affect more apps than just Adium....

Woo hoo! I am now everyone!

Well, I dont know too much about OmniObjectMeter, but I remember one time at shabbos dinner, Avi said something was 'carbonating' and Ari and I couldn't stop laughing. It was pretty funny actually, but you would've had to of been there.

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