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Google started the trend of the Zeitgeist with their page charting the queries on their site. Other sites have done this too.

Well, I've had a website for longer than I've had the Driss-A-Blog, so most of the hits from search engines are for non-blog pages. And the number one search phrase?

background pictures

A long time ago I wrote this Newton application called Avi's Backdrop, which could display pictures in its background. It had an associated Background Picture Gallery.

It looks like that's what everyone is finding. On Google, I'm the sixth entry for a query for "background pictures" . And the second most popular search engine phrase that hits me is "background picture". In that search, alas, I'm only ninth.

The other thing I get hits from is my name. Apparently, I have some awful video format for a namesake.

And here's the table for August:

971 different keyphrasesSearchPercent
background pictures191646 %
background picture1754.2 %
avi1152.7 %
computer background pictures581.3 %
avi mac511.2 %
aim personals501.2 %
background pictures download320.7 %
backdrop280.6 %
background picture download270.6 %
html background picture270.6 %
Other phrases168440.4 %

[Edit: some of the choice "other phrases" are:

  • picture of head without body
  • pictures of somthing powerful
  • smart ass quote
  • dental blog
  • safety quote for the day
  • army boxing in kuwait 2003
  • syria business council with their email address
  • baseview bits sucks (a division of my company --Avi)
  • my sex website


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