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MacHack vs Apple

Historically, there have been two Mac development conferences: WWDC and MacHack. WWDC is in May, MacHack June.

Except Apple just moved WWDC this year. WWDC is now June 23-27, which is immediately following MacHack, which is June 19-21, spilling over to the morning of the 22nd.

The immediate impact is that I think we lost all of our Apple speakers. It's doubtful that Apple's going to let them go to another conference on the week preceding Apple's, even on their own dollar and time. I worry about other big names, who are going to have to choose between the two shows. In fact, I'm still trying to decide what this means for me.

There's no way Apple doesn't know about MacHack. Hell, they've given support for it in the past years. This really doesn't amuse me. Something's going on here...


I made a commitment to MacHack and I expect to stick with it. I'm sure the same is true for many of the other Apple speakers.

Thank you.

The MacHack committee is as stunned by this move as anyone. We are pondering some options, but haven't yet decided on anything. Stay tuned.

Hehehe -- this makes thing even harder. We're expecting our first baby at the beginning of May, and the original WWDC dates were too close to even think about attending. Now that it has been moved, I might feel comfortable leaving home for 5 days, we'll have to see what happens. Hopefully if I can't attend, I can get a copy of the DVDs. If I don't go, I am going to miss it very much, but I'm sure that the new addition to our family will be much more exciting! :)

Actually, for anyone coming from outside the US, having the two conferences one after the other is much more convenient - though a 3 to 5-day gap would be ideal...

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