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AIM Personals

It's coming...

Back in 2001, AOL sold the rights to their Love@AOL service to Match.com. I remember reading an article about how they intensely regretted it. After all, AOL was about connecting people, and a singles service fit in very well with what they were trying to do.

It looks like they're trying to create a new one (apparently their contract with Ticketmaster/Match.com doesn't preclude this). It's due to be called "AIM Personals" and leverages the AIM network.

For a fee of $19.99/mo (possibly $24.99), you get to create a new profile name separate from your screen name, get to search other profiles, and can record voice and video greetings.

This is all gleaned from a survey, so I don't know how accurate this is, or in what stage of planning it's in. But it looks serious enough, given that they're paying to do a survey, and they've indicated in the past that they want to get back into this market. And given the fact that they always could use another revenue stream, I see this happening in the next 6 months.


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