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Fun Fun Fun

I try and restrain myself, I really do.

On occasion I see different individuals (representing different groups) standing with their clipboards and papers on the sidewalks waiting to accost those who are passing by.

This is an ongoing thing... mostly on warmer days. Today was quite warm, 60 degrees, so I shouldn't have been surprised to see the sidewalk stalkers doing their thing.

Usually they work in pairs, if they miss catching you - then the other fellow down the street tries his best. I always have an internal struggle when I see these stalkers... to talk to them, or not talk to them - that is the question. Of course, it also depends on what the group is.

The first group I encountered today was the ACLU. They did not approach me, which was really too bad. I've somewhat called a truce on my internal struggle by deciding that I will only talk to them if they approach me first. So I walked past.

The second fellow I walked past approached me wearing a "Greenpeace" jacket. His pick up line was a question, "Are you an environmentalist?" I'm not sure why that line would have been effective, it's not like I was wearing anything that would have given him hope. I smiled at him, said, "No" and kept walking.

There were other times when I was approached by different groups. The ACLU must think that the Upper West Side is a "friendly" area since today was not the first time I'd seen them there. Last year on my way to afternoon school (when unfortunately I had no time) an ACLU asked if he could have a moment of my time. I responded, "Absolutely not!" and kept walking. Surprising a co-worker I was walking with at the time.

Another "useful idiot" set up his table near my school. This is a strange place to set up since we are located somewhat in a more residential area. Who would set up there but a Lyndon LaRouche fellow! I walked past him on my way out not planning on talking to him. Instead of him being smart and letting me walk past, he called after me asking me to come and talk to him - so I turned around and came back. Hey, it was his fault. He asked me if I'd heard of Lyndon LaRouche, my answer came quickly, "Isn't he dead?"

I don't mean to be difficult, mostly it's people who don't know any better. That's why I try and keep my mouth shut. Maybe I should try harder. On the other hand, they are a source of cheap entertainment.


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