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Republicans Are Musicians Too

I had a (democrat) friend yesterday tell me that I wasn't like "most Republicans." Over the course of the past several months, my friend has informed me that most Republicans, or at least conservatives, were stodgy, ugly, boring, and apparently not musically inclined.

(By the way, he is not the only Dem that has shared this viewpoint with me. Apparently, it is a popularly shared opinion; I have been told this by many Democratic individuals over the past ten years. Perhaps this is why those Democrats feel betrayed and shocked when I tell them I am Republican - I don't fit their image of a conservative. Rather, I am young, female, pretty, and a great deal of fun.)

After absorbing that lovely generalization, I reminded him that I don't meet any of those descriptions and that's when I was given the above line. I asked him how many Republicans he knew... because my entire family is the same as me, and I have plenty of friends the same way. We are good looking, funny, intelligent, well-informed, fun, and most of us play at least one instrument and/or can sing well. And we like to vote conservatively - and, by the way, in case you forgot, there isn't anything wrong with that.

Where did this "boring Republican" generalization come from?!

Just because someone holds conservative beliefs does not mean that they are boring. It means we believe in standards. We see the world in the macro, not micro, view. We want smaller government, and we want them out of our businesses and private lives. We want our national security to be insured, and our borders to be protected. We want opportunities and the chance to take them -not be handed things that we don't deserve. We want to know what we can do for our country - not what our country can do for us.

The youth of America are not 100% Democrats, and to assume that we are makes an ass of YOU, not me. To assume that Republicans are clumped into one huge description makes an ass of YOU, not me. To assume that Republicans are stodgy, boring, and (irrationally) unmusical makes an ass of YOU, not me.

Personally, I saw both conventions this year, and aside from certain Democratic friends of mine, I'd say that perhaps the Dems are projecting.


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