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Trying out IPv6

IPv6 came up in conversation the other day when Google announced its IPv6-only site http://ipv6.google.com/. How hard is it to get up on IPv6?

Step 0: Get good firmware on your router. I'd moved to DD-WRT a long, long while ago on my WRT, so that was done.
Step 1: Google “ipv6 dd-wrt” and get a tutorial page written by the DD-WRT guys. Eyeball it and decide that 6to4 seems the simplest.
Step 2: Click two radio buttons, paste two chunks of text into the appropriate boxes, and click two buttons.
Step 3: Try accessing Google's IPv6 site with Camino, only to have it fail. Try Safari and smile at how simple it was.
Step 4: Use ping6. Attach screenshot to blog.

ping6 ipv6.google.com


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You need to turn IPv6 DNS resolution on in the Camino configuration (about:config). It's disabled by default as a workaround for buggy DNS servers.


Awesome! Thanks.

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