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Lesson of the day

Got back from a Havalight party.

Lesson learned:

When a girl says (very unexpectedly) “so, do you want my number?” apparently the correct reply is not an instinctual snappy comeback, “should I?”


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My girlfriend wants to know what happened after that. :)

Well, she asked me that when she had her coat on and was walking out the door, so she gave me a look and walked away.

And yes, I know I deserved it.

The answer, DUH, should be a sincere smile and an "absolutely," or an "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Avi -- you never say whether you were interested in her, but I get that impression because your tone is regretful.

Anyway, you have to drop the defenses a little bit if you are interested. The disinterested Marlon Brando/James Dean pose doesn't work (I spent too many years learning that).

An extra thought: Someone at the event had to have known her, and if you're still interested in her, you could find out who she is, and let her know that you know you said something stupid and off-the-wall, but you'd really like to take her out and make up for it.... Who knows?


This wasn't done out of "trying to be cool" or anything. It was done because I had misunderstood where the conversation stood. If I'd realized where we were (thus my comment on "unexpectedly") I wouldn't have done it.


I don't know her name, and could barely describe her. Very unlikely.

Anyway, I chalked this up to my "fucking up gloriously" account (as my friend Sean would put it). I posted it for its humor value, as I've moved on. It's OK for you guys to move on too.

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