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I Have Plans

Things are going well here. We finished our program last night and this morning checked out of the hotel. I was trying to figure out how to get to Ramat Beit Shemesh with my set of bags when I got a phone call from Gabriella who told me her plans for the day included coming to Ramat Rachel to see her mother. This is wonderful since she has a car and I'll have a way of getting to her house with my bags minus a cab. I'll be in RBS till Wednesday. After that I'll be in Neve Yaakov on Ahuva's couch, which is not a problem. It'll be nice to hang out there and make that my base of operations.

Things are coming together. I'm at the bus station. It's rediculously cheaper to internet from here. 35 shekel for three hours versus 15 shekel per 15 minutes or less. Yeah.

Good Shabbos everyone!


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So glad to know you made it to Israel! I can't wait to hear about Morocco.

Enjoy RBS and Ahuva's couch! Say hi to anyone I know for me ;).

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