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Here in Israel!

Yup, I made it to Israel. I just spent the last week or so in Morocco and arrived in Israel Monday morning at 3am. Yikes. We're finishing our program today, and I'm at Ramat Rachel. It costs a bit of money to be in the computer for any length of time, so I'm going to keep it a bit short till I get to the bus startion.

I had a good time in Morocco, I certainly learned a lot. It wasn't a freaky as I thought it would be being in an Arab country - being that they speak French. It's hard to take the French seriously anyway. But anyway, I had a good time and took tons of pictures... thank you Avi for the camera. It's a lifesaver!

I love you all. I hope to post again soon.


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Can't wait to see the pictures!!! Can't wait to go and visit there with you :).

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