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I got a ... JOB!

For all of you out there who were on the edge of your seats, yes, I got a job. It's official, although the paperwork isn't done. Another shocker (to me as well) is that I'm moving to New York for this job. I'm a 4th grade Judaica teacher in a day school. More details will be posted later. I'm looking to live in Queens, Kew Garden Hills area if anyone has any suggestions. And to top it all off I have to complete this move by Labor Day, whoa.


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Hey Shira, I am loving this blog hopping thing. I wandered here by way of the AP site lately and am a)crazy jealous (in a good way) of your extended trip to Israel. b)as my address is technically in Queens I feel it is most certainly my duty to 1)welcome you 2)invite you for shabbos :-) 3)send you to the kew garden hills community website which may help in finding apartments, roommates, and all other misc. information. Unfortunately at this time I don't actually have said web address :) but I will hopefully have it shortly. I'll be back with it hopefully some time today. If you need any help WHAT-SO-EVER please please let me know!

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