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I think I'm going to cry

What a crazy place this is. I need to create a mantra, "G-d runs the world", and actually believe it. There's a disengagement taking place today. The deadline for voluntary displacement is midnight tonight Israel time...in two and a half hours. I can't even help protest. Friends of a friend's brother (got that?) went to protest down by Gaza - got arrested, taken to the police station, sat in the station till they were put on a plane out... that night! They aren't allowed to return to the country for a while as well. I don't know how long that they aren't allowed back in.

There's nothing worse than not being able to do anything. Today I wore my Gush Katif shirt. But really it's all about praying at this point. G-d runs the world. Rebbitzen Heller said that at this point protesting is like sending letters to King Achashverosh during the events of Purim. It's time to pray. There's nothing else.


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The Bostonner Rebbe has said that we should say these chapters of Tehillim/Psalms: 20, 64, 69, 83, 85, 86, 91, 107, 130

We are begging G-d for a complete redemption, not just for a solution to Gush Katif.

hi Shira - you staying there or something?
Drop me a line and let me know what's happening in your life....keep out of trouble

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