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Israel the Be-A-Utiful!

Hello all!
Here from the Holy Land. Things are great as usual, and learning is wonderful. I have officially sorted out my ticket - I'm returning the 21st of August. It's been a really nice week, learning, running, learning, running.

But nothing new by now. The other day, I have to say was probably one of the busiest days so far. I went to class from 8:30-11:30. Noon I took someone who needed help to do some errands, 1:30 I am thankful I got a chance to see off Deborah and had a nice lunch. At 4:30 I went to get Ari.

At that point I wanted to show him the back road between Ramat Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem. It is a beautiful road. We're driving along and I realize that I missed the exit at some point. I also thought to myself that someone had told me that there was a road that connected Ramat Beit Shemesh and Beitar that happened to be pretty. So I thought that perhaps we were on it. And we were. It was not a pretty road -- it was gorgeous. I am not joking. I would love to do that again.

So we passed by the checkpoint, I pointed it out to Ari -- he seemed duly impressed. I decided that since we were 5 kilometers from Beitar we may as well stop there and see Leah. So we did. We walked up to her building as she was stepping out to pick up her daughter. She was quite surprised, and asked what we were doing there. Of course I was ready for that question and told her that we were in the neighborhood - which is totally not one of those things that happens. It was really nice, we were there for 20-30 minutes and then we went on our way to Jerusalem.

Had burgers. It's nice now, there really weren't burgers here until this year. Burger's Bar is great, totally recommend it. Anyway, we ended up there had dinner and went on our way to Ashdod to meet up with the cousins for a couple hours. Got there at about 8:45, stayed till about 10ish. I took him to the kibbutz about 10:45 and went home. Got into bed by midnight and passed out. Repeat after me -- Tired! Tired! Put me in bed! But it was really a great day, tons accomplished, and by the end I felt quite accomplished. Wow.

Most days are not like that, thankfully. I'll still say that it was great. It's always a good feeling to feel that you conquered the day. Besides that, learning of course is great and Israel is wonderful and be-a-utiful.


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