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The CodeWarrior roadmap

Josef Wankerl and MW Ron presented their “Bash Metrowerks” session at AdHOC. And they presented the CodeWarrior roadmap. These are my notes.

- Another patch for CW9 coming
-- Stop touching read-only files
-- We're still committed to Mac developers!

- Will compile for Intel chips?
-- no
- Will PP work for Intel hosts?
-- yes (with a bit of work)

- PP, PPX, Constructor open-sourced
- Admin? Greg Dow, perhaps

- Yes, this fall
- Why not update CW9?
-- Was targeting 10.2...

CW IDE 5.8
- Text-based, XML projects
- Master packaging support to make global packaging changes

- Debug PPC64 executables

Compiler 4.0
- New interprocedural-analysis
- Bottom-up inliner
- PPC64 gen
- Better template instantiation error messages
- Better POD for C++03

Std Lib 11
- Safer extensions by C0x working group
- Common POSIX reentrant functions for PEF
- More Mach-O system functions (memcpy, etc)
- Mach-O dynamic lib for MSL C/C++
- Fix for static destructors not working from bundles even
when using BSD C or gcc
- Move semantics (rvalue reference) for huge performance wins
- Add <bind>, mem_fn from TR1
- When using MSL C++ on BSD C, import from global into C++ std

- PP bugfixes
- PPx .nibs
- PPx: search fields, segmented view, textview, userpane, etc
- PPx: wrappers for CG

- Sold off

- How long for support?
-- CWP 10 probably last
-- Email support until end of year
-- Newsgroup support for at least year after CWP 10 released
-- Perhaps the users will keep a community?

What of Metrowerks?
- Pulled into Freescale

Future of MWRon
- Serving community as “MW Ron”
- Hadn't seen Apple computer when joined in 1994
- First met people in 1996 at MacHack
- R&D headcount went from 15 people to 700 to 400
- Now the manager of the support team
- As of Aug 1, will no longer be offering online support
- Moving on to new position

Q & A:

License for PP?
- Dunno yet.

Who bought the x86 stuff?
- Nokia

Upset when sold off?
- Wankerl personally was not happy.

Business reason for CW 10?
- Wankerl pushed it through. “It's already almost done!”

Like Linux, wrap GCC?
- Not technically impossible, and we already have that kind of stuff
in-house. But you aren't going to see it. There is a GCC adapter
sample in the CW SDK.

Open-sourcing IDE?
- Actually discussed, but probably not.

- Probably download-only, for a low price. Yes, still licensing key,
since they have no control over it.

IDE built with CW, so unlikely to be universal
- Correct.

Still being used for embedded?
- Yes, why was acquired.

- Windows, Solaris. We can use x86 compiler internally to build the

CW on Windows?
- No longer exists.


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