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Been a while

Okay, I'm back on. It's been a wonderful, crazy week. I had a marathon couple days. Last Thursday night I went to an engagement party of one of the girls living in the apartment. It was a beautiful party. Then afterwards I was taking her and two other girls home. The engaged girl, Lisa, turns to me and says, "Are you hungry?" (It was 12:30am) I said, "Sure, I could eat", one of the other girls in the back, Jodie, volunteers "Let's go to Cafe Ramon!", the fourth girl, Erin, who was going home first said, "I'm tired", but decided that she wasn't too tired to join us.

So out we went to town, got pizza, got ice cream, then decided to wander to the Kotel. Had a great time. We found our way back to the apartment around 3:30am. I had decided to go traveling on the 5am bus to Kever Rochel (Tomb of Rachel in Bet Lechem) and Cave of Machpela (where Adam/Eve, Avraham/Sarah, Isaac/Rivkah, Yitzchak/Leah are buried) in Chevron. I decided not to go to sleep, it didn't seem worth it. So at ten to five, I went to meet the bus. It was great. Packed bus, I went with some other girls from Shearim. Slept between stops.

We got to Kever Rochel at ten minutes to 6am. The driver wanted us back on the bus by 6am. We were. We went to Machpela from 6:45-7:45am. Amazing. It's been so long since I've been there. I'm so happy I got the opportunity to go. It's so worth it.

Returned at 9am. Slept from 9:30-12:30pm. Went to Geula with Lisa to go shopping for Ari's Shabbaton on the Kibbutz. Ask Ari for details about Shabbos, but I heard it went well. Wow. Then at 4:30pm went to drop off the food, returned at 7pm. Hit some traffic on the way back, made me a bit nervous. But thank G-d I made it without problems. Shabbos started at 7:08pm. Hmmm.

Just so anyone reading knows -- I extended my ticket to the 3rd of August. I wasn't quite ready to go yet.

I hope that everyone had a meaningful fast this past Sunday, the 17th of Tamuz, the beginning of the three weeks where both Temples would ultimately be destroyed on the 9th of Av. Remember that the Second Temple was destroyed due to baseless hatred between Jews, and in every generation where the Temple is not destroyed it is like our generation actually destroyed it ourselves. The only way to remedy this situation and to bring Mashiach is to have love and show love for every Jew. This is the goal of the three weeks. We must look for the good (even if we have to search for that good) in every Jewish person.

May we have the merit to be able to see the good, and appreciate the good that G-d has given us. Let us bring Moshiach today.


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Shira, I'm so happy you had a good birthday, and I'm happy you've extended your ticket - make the most of it! Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer...may only good things come your way from now on!
Thought you'd like to know I'm hoping to see Ita in Denver, maybe even spend Shabbos there, and we're staying Shabbos/tisha b'av with Elana hoffman (Yaffit's friend). What a small, wonderful Jewish world we live in.
Oh and look out for my sister-in-law, she's in Israel for 10 days from today with her shul doing the big tour!
Be well & Happy

what is the 5 AM bus. where can i pick it up? when does it come back?

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