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I've been in training for the past week and a half for my new job at BlackRock. They're teaching us a lot about the products that they have, which is good for the people going into account management, but isn't teaching me much. But there is a series of classes introducing fixed-income securities, and the homework there can get challenging.

The latest homework has lots of calculations, plus tons of bizarre questions: “Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? Where did the Woodstock Music Festival take place? What color was George Washington's white horse?” So of course, I had to answer:

“Nobody is buried in Grant's Tomb. Grant and his wife are entombed there. Woodstock Festival took place in Bethel, NY. George Washington's 'white horse' was named 'Blue Skin' and was actually a light bluish gray.”

And tonight was a softball game between this year's students and last year's. It's been about 20 years since I last took a bat to ball, but I went anyway. One of the guys offered a spare pair of shorts he had in his bag, but otherwise I was in my long-sleeved, collared shirt and Sketchers shoes. I took the field once, and screwed up a play by not covering second when I should have. But then I went to bat, and hit a single that due to a missed throw to first ended in a double. (Barely; the throw to second was close.)


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Well, sounds like your having a blast out there Avi. While I'm just stuck here in Israel... :)

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