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I can't believe it, I'm leaving Israel in a week from tomorrow. What the heck happened?! I'm totally in shock, I just got here...although I didn't. It was two months ago. I still don't believe it.

Everything is going well. I'm still going to classes, and having a good time. I went to the beach yesterday with Deborah, played frisbee (at least we tried, the wind was seriously running us all around) and got a tan (hey, at least I'm not so white). It was nice and relaxing.

I'm chilling out at this point. I've decided I'm not making any real decisions anytime right now (we'll see how long this idea lasts). I'm going back the 26th of July and I'll see how things shape up in New York and Detroit. I have no doubt that things will fall into place, they always do.

Shabbos with Ari was great, it was really nice to have him around and take him with me to meals.

This week is my birthday, July 20th. Very exciting. I haven't decided what I want to do yet. I'll be going to class - that'll take me till 5:30pm. There's a bar mitzvah that evening that I'm invited to, but I don't think that I'll be there very long, since I'd like to do other things. What to do I still don't know. I always go to the Israel Museum on my birthday, but I don't think that I feel like skipping class. We'll see.

I still have people to visit. Tomorrow I'm going to Ramat Beit Shemesh to visit a friend of mine who had a baby this year. I'm sure that her kid is pretty big by now. And I'll call someone else there perhaps to visit there that evening. There's of course the Kotel as well to get to.

That's all folks. Having a great time. Gush Katif is off limits, there's really no chance of getting in there. Hamas has decided to kick up trouble and the Army has decided that they're deciding what to do about it. Thank you G-d. He certainly runs the world. Glad someone knows what the heck is going on.

All the best.
Love Shira


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I miss you! I hope things are going okay in your last few days in Israel. Come back in one piece! I'll see you when you get to New Yawk. I want to celebrate the big 3-0.....uh, or is it 2-9 again?

I want to go back and visit, Bat Yam, how does it feel?

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