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No Red Wings hockey

On my way to work last week (the Federal Courthouse downtown), I was driving southbound on I-75 and the sun was shining very nicely on my left cheek. I was listening to 94.7 (nice rock) and the combination of Detroit, the music, and the pretty weather made me realize very suddenly, and very sadly, that this would have been the week of the final playoffs in hockey and the parade would have been now... and there is no hockey for me to watch. It is extremely depressing. I'm not going to place blame on one specific party, since it was really both their faults, but regardless -
I'm without Red Wings hockey this year, and I couldn't be more sad about it. :(


I wish I could tell you that Pro Hockey was still going on up in the Detroit area but it ended last week.
But if you would like to see a picture of one of your favorite players play hockey, visit my site. Here is the link to a picture of Chelios for you're view pleasure.

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