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WWDC 2003 Sessions

Apple's posted session descriptions for WWDC this year. Some interesting ones, with comments:

Carbon: The HIToolbox
This session gives an architectural overview of HIToolbox, discussing the newest features, and offering insight into its future directions. Learn how to adopt HITextView (the compositing-savvy, full-featured text editing view), HISearchField, HIColorWell, asynchronous window dragging, automatic interface layout, and Quartz-savvy Aqua drawing primitives. Discover how to implement custom menu content with an HIView.

This is all new. There is no HITextView, HISearchField, HIColorWell, or any of that stuff today. Cute.

SearchKit: A Powerful Text Indexing and Searching Framework
SearchKit is a powerful C language framework for searching, indexing, and summarizing text. Formerly known as AIAT (the Apple Information Access Toolkit) or by its code name V-Twin, SearchKit is the engine that provides fast content searching in Finder, Address Book, and Mail. Attend this session to learn how you can take advantage of this framework to provide similar functionality and powerful information access capabilities within your Mac OS X application.

The company I work for used to use AIAT for full-text indexing. When we moved to OS X, the Apple-provided prebuild libraries started failing. Apple stonewalled us, and we needed to throw a ton of effort into integrating a totally new indexing engine into our app. Now Apple says that it's open to the world. No thanks, Apple. We've had enough.

Internet Technologies: Advanced WebKit APIs
Go in depth on how to embed Safari HTML rendering capabilities within your Mac OS X application and customize its behavior. Details will be provided on how to change locations, manage contextual menus, show progress indication, and take advantage of history and page caching.

Mmmm... Embeddable Safari...

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