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Sarah Palin! A Great Choice for McCain!

I've been worried about who Senator McCain was going to pick for his Vice Presidential choice but now I'm breathing easier. Governor Sarah Palin is a wonderful pick. She is middle America. Child of a school teacher and school secretary. Mother of five kids. Just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary to a fisherman/worker on the oil fields. A normal American we can relate to. Not someone who went to a fancy school or has a lot of money. And to top it all off Palin's oldest son is headed off to Iraq.

I'm impressed.


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The super of the building where my office is is a totally regular person anyone could relate to, and working with his staff of porters and security guards, has a decent amount of executive experience. Think it'd be cool for him to be Secretary of State?? Or Attorney General? I'm so sick of all these "lawyers", I find it impossible to relate to all their "education" and "competence."

(Cue standard Obama attack because you can't defend your own candidates.)

Starting your own small business, employing other people, running a household, working on the PTA, working on the city council, moving up to the mayor's office, moving right along into the governor's office... sure - none of this is worthwhile.

Sorry man,
Three years getting asbestos out of an apartment building and sitting in the state senate of an incredibly corrupt system such as Chicago doesn't qualify you for the office of the Presidency.

I'm a middle american, but that does NOT qualify me to run for vice president.

Don't mention things like her son going off to war if you are not also going to mention her pregnant 17 year old daughter.


Wow, of all the people McCain could have chosen, this is who he picked? Heck, I AM qualified. Growing up in Florida makes me an International Relations Genuis because it's so close to Cuba.

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