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Argh! Not McCain!

I'm watching the Florida primary results come in. They've declared John McCain the winner. This is the first state with closed primaries, and the first time that McCain finally won a Republican-only primary (only by 5% over Mitt Romney). Up until now he's only really won based on the independent and Democratic vote.

The upcoming Super-Tuesday February 5th will be telling. Who will be voting for McCain? Republicans? Probably not... it'll be those Democrats and independents that propel him.

Fox News is talking about the possibility that Rudy Giuliani will pull out and throw his support behind McCain. This isn't a big surprise. While I like Rudy's foreign policies - he's a social liberal. McCain isn't strong on illegal immigration or lowering taxes. We also shouldn't forget McCain-Feingold... the limitations placed on the 1st Amendment.

At this point I must stand behind Mitt Romney, the last conservative still standing.


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Check out http://www.gunowners.org/mccaintb.htm for John McCain's record. They include more than just his anti-gun antics, they've got a chunk of his political history on here.

A vote for Romney is a vote for Hillary/Obama 2008.

I'm sorry, but I think McCain's our best chance.

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