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Hubbard on Mac OS X

Jordan Hubbard, on Motion: “When I was 10, I would have shit myself to have something like that on my desktop. And you can quote me on that.”

Shows PAM authentication module that makes you win a game of Tic-Tac-Toe to authenticate as root with su.

About clicking “continue” in security dialog boxes: “We're training Grandma to be a click monkey, and that's unfortunate.”

“I've been on my knees in front of the filesystem team begging for a versioned filesystem.”

On showing a beta darwinbuild/darwinxref: “If any of you are grabbing porn on the wireless network, please stop now. I need all the bandwidth for this demo.”

“Autoconf is Satan. It is an evil, evil hack. Your build system is not your target system.”

“Mac OS X still lacks an effective package management system. No dependency tracking, no conflict detection and upgrade intelligence, no rollback on failure or incremental undo, and poor interoperability with third parties. Fixing this is a high priority for me.”

“It's amazing that so much good OS research happened in the 80s and 90s, and so little today.”

Josh Juran: “I asked five years ago about open-sourcing HyperCard.” Jordan: “It's dead, man. Let it go. Perhaps in the future, we can talk about open-sourcing products before they die.” Josh: “I remember someone from Apple said, ‘Open Source is not a dumping ground for dead products.’” Some wag: “Well, SourceForge has proved that wrong.”


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