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Any train

Like any good New Yorker, I take the subway to work. Usually, it's (1) down to 96th, catch the express to Times Square, Shuttle to Grand Central, then the (6) up.

This morning, I took the (1) to 96th, and got off. The (1) left, and I waited for the express. And waited, and waited.

And of course, since I live in a musical, I started singing:

I rubbed my eyes, stepped to the platform,
From cool into warm, to catch a (2).
From 96th, the (1) went creeping,
And I was half-sleeping.
Any train will do.

I had my bag, I had my paper,
Off to my skyscraper, with a nice Park view.
But down the tracks no train was coming,
And my fingers drumming.
Any train will do.

A squeal of brakes! A flash of light!
An uptown train came into sight.
It went and faded into darkness,
I was left alone.

How can I get to Times Square Station?
My destination: East 52.
The crowd and I, we are still waiting,
Any train will do.

Any train will do.


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