Even though I explictly state that I don’t do long-distance relationships in my profile, some matchmakers still send me matches who live far away from me. For example, one said, “Something struck me that this could be a potential match. I understand the distance situation is a problem, believe me I do, but many times when it is the right thing those types of things work out in the end.”

I’m sorry, but if you think this way, you are misunderstanding my rule. This is not some arbitrary rule that I set for convenience. This is not done out of capriciousness. This rule is something that I’ve thought about long and hard. I simply do not know how I could possibly build a relationship with someone who lives at a distance. It’s that simple. I tried doing it once, and having to build a connection with someone I could only see once in a while wrecked me emotionally. I made my rule shortly thereafter.

So please honor me by respecting my rule. Trust me, it really does hurt to have to reject a profile of a girl who is amazing in her character and beauty because she’s located too far away. But I will, and I do. I keep my commitments to myself, and I hope you can appreciate this.