FileCopier 1.0

Avi Drissman <>
The Michigan Apple Programmers' SIG

What does it do?

It copies files (and folders) from anywhere to anywhere else.

Why would I need this program?

Because it can copy invisible files. :-)

How do I use it?

Run it, pick the appropriate command from the File menu (for copying files or folders), pick the original file/folder, pick the destination, and sit back and wait. If you hear a beep something went wrong.


If you don't like it, don't use it. Even better, the source is on the website; fix it yourself!

This program and documentation is © 1999 Avi Drissman and the Michigan Apple Programmers' SIG. All rights reserved. You may look at the source and learn from it. Just don't do something stupid like putting your name on it and redistributing it.