Avi's NetTacToe v1.0

Avi Drissman <mailto:drissman@acm.org>

Avi's NetTacToe is an example program to illustrate

and how to use them to create a networked game.

How to Use

Both players should run the Avi's NetTacToe program. (When you first run it, you will need to enter your name; do so.) One player should select New Game... from the File menu, and type in the network address of the other player. The other player will see an alert asking them to play. If they agree, both players will see a window, and can play a game of NetTacToe with each other. When the game is complete, the window may be closed and the program quit.

Easy, eh?

The source is on the website too. If you want to play with it; go ahead. Don't be playing games like putting your name on it and selling it, or something stupid like that.

The code and documentation is ©1998-9 Avi Drissman. All rights reserved.